onsdag den 17. marts 2010

Private Lives the story line

Here is the story line of the play I'm gonna play this summer

On the honeymoon a fashionable hotel in South of French, do two newlyweds couple live door by door. Elyot and Sybil lived in on suit and Amanda and Victor lived in the other. Elyot and Amanda have been married ealier with each other. They met each other randomly after a few years and the sparks are drifting from the very first moment. Amanda and Elyots big passion is nothing but cooled as it showned.
So when Amanda and Elyots love flare up, they made a choice, so the consequences are fair from all four of them.
It doesn't take long, before the couples go back to each other in the same relationship that they were at in the very first moment, that made them to leave each other.

The Private Lives shows our fear of getting bored in a relationship and our wish to meet the true love should make us happy.
Noel Coward lines were elegant a master and he manged to get the commedy to get seriously to walk hand in hand.
The private life was from 1930 was at the same time considered as glorious immoral. We can still have fun in year 2010, get provoked and maybe concider that you can achieve that you have met the true love, if you're on your way to move on?
If you all the time take the pulse on your love life instead to stop and give up and move on to the now.