mandag den 9. februar 2009

Nathalie Strande

Hey I'm Nathalie I'm 26 years old and I'm from Denmark I sing and act and write songs at the moment I'm working on my album called"Open Your Heart" it will be a mix of rock/pop I'm also an actress I'm will be playing Amanda in a play called 'Private Lives ' this summer 2010! I'm really exting about it so look for me in near time cos' I'm coming at ya !!!!!! rock on !!!!

a little history about me I'm Nathalie born Nathalie Gry Strande I grew up whit my mom only I'm a only child in 2000 only 15 I came in a band called ' Spicy' it was fun for a while but I always wanted to be solo so in 2003, summer the band split and now I'm here solo and also an actress and loving it

Nathalie xxxxxxxxxx

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    Heya Nathalie like the site and u do look like Melanie C :) hope you like my site

  2. Hey there aaww thanks she is my idol an inspiration to me hope you enjoy my site too there will much more on it soon xxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Nathalie..greats pictures!
    I'm brazialian. and like so much!
    sorry for the bad english!
    ahh...see my page, I posted Kerli's album,looks like your style!

  4. Thanks for the comment. thats okay xxxxxxx

  5. Hiya! Hey if you got a sample of your music perhaps you would like to have promotion on our site
    Keep on rockin'